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Great PhotoGRAPHIC review.

Our latest feature PhotoGRAPHIC is doing well on both DVD and VOD and has just got a great review from "The Straw Man" who has tons of reviews on websites and Amazon. You can check out that review (and warning) from him HERE

In addition, the VOD section on Amazon has a couple of people who HATE PhotoGRAPHIC and say its the most horrible thing they have ever seen! LOL - really now? Anyway, while we realize we can't satisfy everyone, such one sentence 'one star' hate, and not an actual review doesn't do much but make us laugh, and certainly doesn't hurt our sales. But we also don't try to hide it from our fans by only posting the better reviews! While the VOD version is 5min shorter than the DVD, with some toned down graphic kills and nudity... we doubt they would like either version :)

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PhotoGRAPHIC now available on VOD

Our very violent and graphic 81min. horror/thriller PhotoGRAPHIC was released on DVD back in February, however we had to re-edit it for VOD since it was deemed to sexually and violently graphic. Now, a new 76min version is available AMAZON VOD. This edit is still a very effective R type rating with violence, gore and sexual content, but trimmed back a few minutes here and there for a total of 5min in this VOD version.

Director Tim Whitfield still likes the edited cut and is very happy with it. "I think this edit is still very effective." states Whitfield, "It's a great way for horror fans not familiar with us to rent it online for only a couple of dollars and decide if they want to own the DVD. If you like this version, you will LOVE the DVD and fans will get to see something that is stronger and has more footage."



As most of you who follow our releases know, we tend to release our DVDs then about a few weeks to a month later it also releases on Video On Demand. This of coarse was the plan for our latest film "PhotogGRAPHIC"

However as it turns out, while the DVD has been released and is now available, apparently the film is too graphic for the VOD market. Nudity in general tends not to be an issue, but the very realistic violence and sexual content of PhotoGRAPHIC would probably garner as "NC-17" if submitted to the MPAA. Since the VOD releases are so easy for kids to just click on and order they tend not to allow anything more than an hard R, like Burlesque Massacre, which has nudity and violence, but of a more over the top and outrageous type. PhotoGRAPHIC's cold gritty realism, graphic sex and violence, rape and two particular very nasty kills are too intense for their guidelines. We can't say we agree, but who are we to say?

While we don't think kids should be watching it, you do need a credit card to order VOD (or access to a computer with a credit card saved on the ordering page) So, we think maybe as a parent you should maybe mind what your kids are doing on your computer.

Anyway, Timberwolf is now editing the 81min DVD down to 76min for the VOD release next month. While overall we do not like doing it, we are quite happy with the edit and we feel the film still plays effectively. However, we did want to let fans know that the VOD version would be a "R" rated equivalent and not the original unedited version on the DVD.


Burlesque Massacre breaks out, website breaks record again.

Last February 2011 we released our retro 70s horror/exploitation film "Burlesque Massacre" on DVD and VOD. Over the past year instead of losing sales over time like most releases, 'Burlesque' actually picked up sales and VOD rentals each month. Last month and this month were the highest DVD sales ever for the film and awareness got even higher when the films awareness shot up 8000% on the IMDB. While the IMDB star ranking for the movie has obviously been mixed (Burlesque Massacre is a VERY odd, bizarrely retro film that is NOT for everyone) but, most who actually took the time to review the film have given it high marks for what it is.... whatever that may be.

Our favorite review for the film was posted back when it first came out by a Amazon member named "Explorator" who has over 90 reviews for all sorts of films. Check out the review below.

"This ultra low budget flick is one that wears its campy style on its sleazy sleeve and is actually a lot fun if you're a fan of B-movie horror. There's LOTS of hot chicks (yes, there is also ample amounts of nudity and several softcore sex scenes), lots of tattoos on some of the girls, a decent amount of bloody kills, several creepy strangulation scenes, an emphasis on kinky imagery / bondage and 'edgy' style Burlesque dancing. The slightly grainy 'film effect' and old style 'film color' adjustments along with the authentic sounding retro music in the background achieves an effect similar to that of a 70s grindhouse movie (almost) and is much better of an effect than you usually see in movies that try it. The script is OK and isn't annoying like so many no-budget horror movies tend to be. The actors talk like real people for the most part and don't sound like they are reading directly from a script. I was never bored or felt the need to fast forward any scenes (which is rare with these kinds of movies). I don't want to give away anything by describing the storyline or kills as they are sometimes surprising and should be watched with no prior knowledge of what is going to happen. Overall this is a fun and entertaining B-Movie that is exactly what I thought it would and should be. Check it out if you like these types of movies. You probably won't be disappointed."

We feel this review hits the movie right on the head. It's just a whole lot of fun, that doesn't take itself too seriously. While it has a few things going on underneath at a slightly twisted level for those who want to dig deeper.. for the most part its just a retro exploitation film that was designed to capture a type of film not made anymore.

We are so happy word of mouth has grown over this past year, and we do have a sequel planned for 2013. You can purchase the Burlesque Massacre DVD HERE or rent/purchase it via Amazon VOD. You can check out more info and the trailers HERE

Meanwhile the website itself also broke its unique visitor record again this past month reaching 1,200 for January.

Stay tuned for many more updates in February including the final two episodes of the web series "Obsession" and info on our next DVD release "Lucid Fear".

Right now however, you can pick up our new release of "PhotoGRAPHIC" which came out last Friday on AMAZON as well. For more info on that film and its two trailers you can visit its page HERE.

More soon!

Two New England short films from 2006 debut online...

When Timberwolf West was just 'Timberwolf' from 2000 till 2006 back in New England, back before lovely HD cameras, with producers Tim Whitfield, Mike DeFrancesco, Joe Patnaud and Kal Thompson, we shot over 20 short films, web series, fan films and even a public access TV show in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and even New York. 11 of our short films were released on two DVDs 'Detour Into Madness Vol. 1 and Vol. 2' - Since those days many of those shorts have turned up online, however not all of them.

After watching a few of our shorts available on this site spike in viewership after the huge rise in site visitors, we felt it was time to let 2 more of our New England shorts debut online. Both of which have a connection of sorts to the stuff running strong online already.

First is 'Sanity or Survival' which actually started as a full length feature, that was a bit to big for us at the time we must admit. After the great response to the short film "Forced Survival' in 2005. Timberwolf set out to make a feature film version.

Unfortunately, much of the 'remade' material based on the short just did work as well as the original short film did, nor did it seem like it was strong enough to carry a feature film. However, the new expanded material added to make the film feature length turned out to be quite effective. So, director Tim Whitfield decided to rework the new footage, characters and expanded material into its own short film.

The finished short entitled 'Sanity Or Survival' plays much like a stage play driven solely by the actors and the performances without a complex or expanded plot. While it can be viewed and understood without seeing the original 'Forced Survival' short film, they do complement each other well as sort of a 'what if'.

The second short, also from 2006 is a VERY, VERY different style. 'Diary Of A Black Widow' is a very over the top, exploitational and downright offensive tale full of sex, nudity, sick humor and nasty kills. The story of a teenage murderess who seduces and kills horny guys, only to meet her match when she comes across a gay serial killer is twisted to say the least. Last year, Rydell Danzie and Tim Whitfield re-worked the idea of this original 2006 short into a quite different, and much more serious new web series from 2010/11.

"Rydell and I really only took the very basic outline from my original short. I have to admit it was mostly Rydell who brought a whole new level to the story." Tim explains, "His web series is much deeper, serious and complex and only the basic idea and a few similar events survived to the new version. In fact, if anything my 70s exploitation feature film 'Burlesque Massacre' has more much in common with the 2006 Black Widow short film then our revamped 'Diary of A Black Widow' web series does."

That said, those who liked 'Burlesque Massacre' and 70s/80s expliotation style will find much to enjoy in this little over the top short film.