Two New England short films from 2006 debut online...

When Timberwolf West was just 'Timberwolf' from 2000 till 2006 back in New England, back before lovely HD cameras, with producers Tim Whitfield, Mike DeFrancesco, Joe Patnaud and Kal Thompson, we shot over 20 short films, web series, fan films and even a public access TV show in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and even New York. 11 of our short films were released on two DVDs 'Detour Into Madness Vol. 1 and Vol. 2' - Since those days many of those shorts have turned up online, however not all of them.

After watching a few of our shorts available on this site spike in viewership after the huge rise in site visitors, we felt it was time to let 2 more of our New England shorts debut online. Both of which have a connection of sorts to the stuff running strong online already.

First is 'Sanity or Survival' which actually started as a full length feature, that was a bit to big for us at the time we must admit. After the great response to the short film "Forced Survival' in 2005. Timberwolf set out to make a feature film version.

Unfortunately, much of the 'remade' material based on the short just did work as well as the original short film did, nor did it seem like it was strong enough to carry a feature film. However, the new expanded material added to make the film feature length turned out to be quite effective. So, director Tim Whitfield decided to rework the new footage, characters and expanded material into its own short film.

The finished short entitled 'Sanity Or Survival' plays much like a stage play driven solely by the actors and the performances without a complex or expanded plot. While it can be viewed and understood without seeing the original 'Forced Survival' short film, they do complement each other well as sort of a 'what if'.

The second short, also from 2006 is a VERY, VERY different style. 'Diary Of A Black Widow' is a very over the top, exploitational and downright offensive tale full of sex, nudity, sick humor and nasty kills. The story of a teenage murderess who seduces and kills horny guys, only to meet her match when she comes across a gay serial killer is twisted to say the least. Last year, Rydell Danzie and Tim Whitfield re-worked the idea of this original 2006 short into a quite different, and much more serious new web series from 2010/11.

"Rydell and I really only took the very basic outline from my original short. I have to admit it was mostly Rydell who brought a whole new level to the story." Tim explains, "His web series is much deeper, serious and complex and only the basic idea and a few similar events survived to the new version. In fact, if anything my 70s exploitation feature film 'Burlesque Massacre' has more much in common with the 2006 Black Widow short film then our revamped 'Diary of A Black Widow' web series does."

That said, those who liked 'Burlesque Massacre' and 70s/80s expliotation style will find much to enjoy in this little over the top short film.