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A dark, graphic, and dead serious tale of torture and murder.

A group of twisted photographers in LA lure, manipulate, rape and kill a series of up and coming models while photographing and recording the events on video for their own amusement. But when one survives and returns to give them a taste of their own medicine, it turns out they were not nearly as violent as she is pushed into being.

Gritty and real, this film has a pseudo-documentary style mixed with the stalk and slash feel of classic horror films. Not for the faint of heart and not fun at all, this movie is cold, angry and violent. You were warned.

  Starring:  Jill Evyn, Marissa Merrill, Rydell Danzie, Sydney Melzer, Jake Bradbury, Morgan Roberts, Keith Christensen II, Hannah Townsend Shot by Darin Mangan and Tim Whitfield - Edited by Tim Whitfield Written and Directed by Tim Whitfield Contains extreme violence, gore, language, nudity, graphic sexual content and rape. Now available at AMAZON on both DVD, and VOD -- It's also on VIMEO VOD Teaser Trailer and Full Trailer