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Friday The 13th: The ObsessionTribute Web Series

Back in 1997 , Timberwolf founder Tim Whitfield shot a little F13 fan film called "The Obsession" on VHS with his friends, but it was never finished or released. It was a fan film some Jason fans still talk about today. After producing two different Friday the 13th fan films with director Joe Patnaud (Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake 2003, Friday The 13th: The Storm 2009) The gang at Timberwolf decided to do only original productions, but fans and Tim himself never really let go of the "Obsession" idea. In fact no matter how many new productions Tim did, Jason fans would go "Yea.. thats cool.. but what about Obsession". After trying to take the Obsession story and doing it without Jason, and using his own original mass murder, Tim realized it just didn't have the same effect without Jason. So, after thinking long and hard, it was decided to make "Obsession" as a web series with the Jason character that could be viewed as a fan film series, online for free. Timberwolf is growing more every day, and Tim feels he has to put this artistic endevor from the past to rest, before he can move forward. The story involves a a fan of the 'Friday The 13th' series, so Obsessed with the series villain that her bad temper and negitive energy has taken the form of Jason Voorhees himself. When her ex-girlfriend and other trouble enters her life, 'Jason' takes hold and pushes her to remove her problems with violence and murder. Soon her whole world slowly becomes Jason's world and she must confront him and decide once and for all who is in charge of her life. With the support and donations from two Friday The 13th websites ( and the support of tons of fans, including a huge donation from fan Cody Parker, and the help of two indie companies Never Submit Entertainment and Y-Not/Sin Pelo Productions, Obsession was reborn and was shot in 2011. The whole series is available to view below. Producers: Timothy Whitfield, Cody Parker, Charles Bates, Matthew Cichella, Hannah Townsend and Rydell Danzie Executive Producers: Diana Link, Travis Laffoon, Steven Bonitsis, Marco L. Muratori, Joe Hotham and John Klyza (Friday The 13th Films) Associate Producers: Aaron Solomon, Jason Dahlstedt, Daniel Rice, Heath Baney, Mike Christiansen, Royce Freeman, Scott Daniel, Jordan Turner, Lee Klopack and Jason Parker (Friday The 13th Franchise) Additional Funders: T. R. Anderson, Richard Sanders, Filip Hulin, Nicholas Artz Episodes:     NOTE: The series is made by fans for fans and will be shown online for free. It is not part of the actual Friday the 13th series, nor is it endorsed by the owners of the series (Paramount Pictures/New Line Cinema) No profit will be made from this production