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Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall was shot in 2003/2004 in New England by writer/director Tim Whitfield,  cinematographer Joe Patnaud and producer/actor Michael DeFrancesco.  Originally intended to be a feature film, Shadows ended up being too complex and large for the new group of indie filmmakers.  After taking a break to produce a series of short films, Tim revisited and began to edit the feature in 2006, but after a serious hardrive crash the film was put on the shelf. Tim moved to California in 2007 and after taking a few years to settle in, and discover and produce new productions  he revisited the 'Shadows' project in 2010.  He looked over all the footage and began to edit, using the strongest elements of the feature. The result was a 6 part webseries that Tim feels captures the original intent of mood of the project.

The story involves a young teenager named Jena. She is like any modern teenager, except she is haunted by the memories of her long dead mother. When one of her friends is murdered, those memories may be her only chance to uncover the identity of the killer and to learn the secrets of her family's dark past. Can Jena find out the truth in time, or will she become the next victim?

Starring: Jillian Swanson, Leah Nigro, Michael Defrancesco, Danielle Lozeau, and Jessica Sonneborn
Shot by Joe Patnaud and Tim Whitfield - edited by Tim Whitfield
Produced by Michael DeFrancesco and Tim Whitfield
Directed by: Timothy Whitfield
Contains violence, gore, language, sexual content, nudity.