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Diary Of A Black Widow

Diary Of A Black Widow is a 10 part web series loosely based on the 2006 short film of the same name. Rydell Danzie of Sin Pelo/Y-Not Productions adapted and wrote the the much more complex and seriously toned series from Tim Whitfield's original dark comedy short. Tim returned to direct a few episodes and help produce the series, but allowed Rydell to take charged and really make it is own. The result is a very dramatic series, which is better than the original short in pretty much every way, with only the very broad concept of a seductive murderess remaining.

The story involves a young and sexy woman that seduces and kills both men and women, who comes face to face with someone that may be even more dangerous than herself. Dark, twisted and sexual, the two murderesses begin a devious and manipulative relationship of cat and mouse which can only end in death.

Starring: Hannah Townsend and Shannan Leigh Reeve.
Directed by: Rydell Danzie, Timothy Whitfield, Darin Mangan and Amato D' Apolito.
Contains violence, gore, language, sexual content, nudity.

*The web series is no longer online, however, the series is now being edited into a feature film version which will be available on DVD and VOD. More news when it develops.