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Archive for April 2014


Old Titles and New Productions

We posted last week that our 2012 release PHOTOGRAPHIC was now available on VIMEO ON DEMAND.... and now our 2011 release BURLESQUE MASSACRE is also available on VIMEO ON DEMAND. Both of these titles are still available at AMAZON on both DVD and VOD - but we just wanted try out a wider VOD reach.

We are prepping a new VOD and DVD release for two other productions, one of which is the 2012 Diary Of A Black Widow web series, which has been edited into a 90min feature.

Finally we are currently planning a NEW feature film. More on that as we know more.

Wow.. a TIMBERWOLF update?!?

Hey fans,

It's been quite awhile... but we are NOT dead.

Lots of stuff going on for a new web series, a new feature and more. But we are gonna keep back the news for a little bit as we develop more solid news.

That said, we do have a wider reach/availability for our feature PHOTOGRAPHIC. While it is already available on DVD and online rent over at AMAZON, it is also now available on VIMEO worldwide. You can both rent and/or download it to own on Vimeo On Demand. In addition this new online version is the UNCUT 83min DVD version. The Amazon online version was edited down 78min with 5min less gore/sexual content and nudity.

Check it out! And we will have new updates on new projects soon.